Virginia Beach – Norfolk Popular Pool Services

Ongoing Service/Maintenance

Offering Pool Care and Cleaning

We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning and minor repair services to keep your pool up, running and ready for belly flops at all times. Our Scouts arrive prepared with the latest water testing technology and treatment solutions. We proactively communicate with you before the service, capture data (and leaves!) during the service, and offer a summary of water test results and services provided upon completion of the visit. Rest assured, we return each leaf we rescue from your pool safely to the wild.

Season Opening and Closing Service

Whether getting ready for summer, or hunkering down for winter, Pool Scouts can help prepare your pool for whatever lies ahead. Our efficient and effective opening and/or closing services deliver timely, complete preparation and care for your pool.

Single Service

Been on vacation for a week and now you have a green pond trying to pass as a pool in your back yard? Don’t worry, we‘re trained to handle anything nature throws our way! Our single service includes testing and a detailed clean-up to restore your pool’s health and show you the benefits of relying on Pool Scouts to keep your pool at its best.

Minor Repairs

Having trouble getting your pool clear and sparkling blue? Typically that means your pool equipment may need some maintenance. Whether it is in need of a cleaning, new filters, a new pump, or even a new timer, Pool Scouts can help!

Stay ahead of pool equipment issues and ensure your pool is always swim-ready by becoming a regular customer of Pool Scouts. Our technicians check equipment each time they service your pool, staying ahead of the game with any issues that may arise.

Pool Cover Replacements

Your pool cover takes a beating in the inclement weather and may retain damages during the winter months. Pool Scouts can replace your damaged cover for you. We’ll remove your cover, send it to the manufacturer, and deliver the new cover to your home. All you have to do is pick out the color and we’ll take care of the rest!


*We are currently unable to service above ground pools.